Training Plans

The Neo0rbit Smart Trainer system has many Training Plans for various objectives. There are plans for different levels of cyclist preparation and performance. Plans can be combined to build a periodization for any desired goal, the most common being to create an annual periodization. The plans comprise a "neutral" goal of general performance improvement, but can be customized for: Mountain, Speed, Sprint and Aerobic Endurance.

Plans are "interval" based on TSS® and rider FTP. TSS® (non-dimensional) attempts to estimate the training load and physiological stress created by the training session. FTP (in Watts) represents the cyclist's functional threshold power and can be obtained through various types of tests.

The Neo0rbit smart trainer applies the "incremental ramp test" to obtain an FTP value that is used to adjust the intensity of each training session. During the development of the Neo0rbit smart trainer, Dr. Andrew Coggan and triathlon trainer Joe Friel were consulted on the details of obtaining the FTP value through incremental ramp testing on smart trainers and on issues related to the aerobic threshold test (MAP) in smart trainers and their relationship with FTP.

The plans are divided into 3 groups:

  • Joel Friel's plans are based on "The Cyclist's Training Bible", 5th edition, by Joel Friel. This book talks about about TSS-based training for cyclists in detail. "Joe Friel is the most reputed coach in the world and his proven cycling training program has helped hundreds of thousands of people succeed in the sport. Joe has completely rewritten this new 5th edition of the Cyclist Training Bible to incorporate new training principles and help athletes train smarter."

  • CMF plans are plans that integrate various types of physical activity into a classic sequence that the trainer can mix and match in whatever order they want for specific results. These plans take into account information obtained mainly from the book "Training and Racing with a Power Meter" by Dr. Adrew Coggan(among others). "Andrew R. Coggan, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized exercise physiologist. He has published numerous scientific articles on a wide range of topics, including the effects of carbohydrates on cycling performance, physiological adaptations to resistance training, and the effects of aging on muscle metabolism during exercise.

  • Zwift plans are based on the plans from the "What's on Zwift" website and are used as examples of training plans with interval training for specific goals, that is, each of these plans was created for a type of goal that only a qualified coach can assess.

On this site's blog I comment on each session performed on the Neo0rbit smart trainer taking into account my personal impressions and everything that  I have learned from reading Joe Friel's and Dr Andrew Coggan's books, among many other sources on physical training, as well as the experience in developing this training system, in designing training sessions and training plans, and especially learning from the physical training specialization course taken a few years ago.

During the development of the Smart Trainer Neo0rbit, and the CMF Training Plans, I always kept in touch with Professor Mauro Ricetti Paes, whom I thank for his unending patience in answering all my questions on the subject and the insights he has provided. This work would not be complete without the collaboration of Prof. Mauro, and any mistakes made by me in this project originate from my own shortcomings.

My name is Cloter and I am the developer of the Smart Trainer Neo0rbit software, as well as the creator and builder of the machines.

Obs. 1: To understand the objectives of the plans, it is recommended that an instructor, or specialized trainer, is consulted, as this is a specific area of knowledge within the Physical Training discipline of Physical Education, which has extensive concepts of Sports Medicine.

Note 2: The TSS® and FTP definitions, despite being fundamental for the quantification of intensity and volume of interval training on the Neo0rbit smart trainer, can be found in much more detail from other sources. This article from the Training Peaks® website talks about metrics and quantification of physical activity intensity and presents the definitions (and interpretations) necessary for your understanding. This page on the Golden Cheetah website explains the science behind this physical activity data analysis software and can be helpful to better understand the topic.